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My Summer With JCADA

September 12th, 2016

By Tova Zimm, AWARE® Intern

My summer as a JCADA intern with AWARE®, the organization’s prevention initiative, was a life-changing experience that helped inform my decision to become a social worker. My first days at JCADA were full of pure intellectual enlightenment as I expanded my knowledge of the many ways that both men and women of all ages suffer from domestic abuse in the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. The more I learned about how prevalent domestic abuse is, the more I realized how essential organizations like JCADA are. Within one week of beginning my internship, I knew I had found my calling in life.

The JCADA staff that I had the privilege to work with this summer provided me with endless encouragement and guidance, allowing me to be as active and engaged with my work as possible. Being surrounded by so many brilliant and passionate people who dedicate their lives to this exceedingly important cause expanded my interest in the issue and inspired my future career path.

I began my internship at JCADA unsure of my major or vocational aspiration, but with the hope that I would find some guidance this summer. Today, I leave my internship with absolute certainty of what I want to do in life: helping members of my community who are involved in abusive relationships. My internship with JCADA was life changing and unforgettable. I will always look back and remember how my summer with JCADA kick-started my love of social work.

Pictured above: A care package Tova put together with herwomen's group, Aura Chadasha of BethJoshua Congregation, for JCADA clients.

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