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Warning Signs

Most relationships have their ups and downs, so sometimes it can be hard to tell if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. Learning the warning signs of abuse is important for recognizing when behaviors indicate an unhealthy relationship so you know when it is time to get help for yourself or someone you know.

Do you know someone who...

  • apologizes and makes excuses for their partner's behavior?
  • calls and/or texts their partner excessively?
  • reacts in an extreme way when asked to put their phone away or turn it off?
  • cancels or change plans often?
  • avoid friends?
  • fears upsetting or angering their partner?
  • constantly thinks and talks about their partner?
  • suddenly or drastically changes the way they dress?
  • has dramatic changes in weight, appearance, or grades?
  • is dropping out of school activities?
  • has unexplained injuries? (i.e.bruises, scratches, or other injuries)
  • gives up hobbies or time with friends and/or family?
  • seems to have lost their confidence?
  • has difficulty making decisions?
  • has sudden changes in mood or personality? (i.e. becoming anxious or depressed, acting out, being secretive)
  • has changes in eating or sleeping habits?
  • avoids eye contact?
  • uses alcohol or drugs?

Someone experiencing abuse may feel...

  • anxious about what will happen next.
  • uneasy about how to handle the situation.
  • guilty like they have done something to cause this.
  • defensive of the abusive partner & wanting to protect them from blame.
  • fearful of being seriously hurt.
  • depressed, helpless, hopeless, or even suicidal.
  • dependent on drugs or alcohol in order to escape anxiety or pain.
  • lonely as the abusive partner has isolated the victim from friends and/or family and stopped them from having a normal social life.

If you or someone you know is experience domestic or dating abuse, please contact us for support on our free and confidential helpline: 1-877-88- JCADA (52232)

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