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Professional Trainings

Navigating Tough Conversations with Teens

Audience: Youth Service Providers

Time: 90 - 120 minutes 

Part of working with teens and young adults is supporting them as they navigate their lives and tough situations. In this training, professionals working with this demographic will explore ways to handle these issues when they arise and learn skills to utilize when facilitating tough conversations with the teens they work with. Participants will engage in interactive activities and conversations to understand the role of active listening, empathy, confidentiality, validation, and safety in conversations with teens.The training will also explore the resources available to participants as they navigate difficult issues with teens.

Responding to Participants in Crisis*

Audience: Immersive Trip Staff

Time: 90 - 120 minutes

Crucial to the success of an immersive trip experience is securing not only the physical,but also the emotional safety of participants. This training helps staff leading immersive trips recognize when participants are in need of emotional support and understand their roles as first responders and connectors. While learning how to create and model a supportive community, trip leaders are provided with language for responding with empathy and resources to connect participants in need of more substantial help with.

*Available as webinar.


Audience: Youth Service Providers

Time: 75 - 90 minutes

This training uses AWARE®’s core It’s Not Love® workshop to educate youth service providers on how to recognize the warning signs of unhealthy relationships, provide tools to use when talking to the teens they work with,and identify resources that they or the teens they work with can go to for help. It’s Not Love® is a choose-your-own-path workshop in which participants assume the role of a character who is in an abusive relationship or is a witness to one .

AWARE® is dedicated to empowering teens and young adults with the skills and information they need to build healthy relationships.
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