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High School & Youth Leadership


Audience: 9th - 12th grades*

Time: 75 - 90 minutes

In this choose-your-own-path style workshop, participants assume the role of a character who is in an abusive dating relationship or is a witness to one. As the character, the participant makes the tough choices that one faces in these situations.

According to national data, one in three adolescents is a victim of dating abuse. However, only one-third of teens who experience dating abuse tell someone. This workshop provides an opportunity to introduce young people to the skills they need to form positive relationships. Participants learn about the different types of dating abuse, to identify signs of unhealthy relationships, and to use tools to help themselves or a friend.

*May also be appropriate for second semester 8th grade students.  Complementary parent workshop available.

It's Not Love® Part II

Audience: 9th - 12th grades

Time: 75 - 90 minutes

Building on  the ideas and tools introduced in the original It’s Not Love® workshop, participants examine different methods of verbal and emotional abuse. The workshop gives participants the space to discuss the challenges of speaking up in an unhealthy relationship, to practice their skills through role play activities, and to understand the power of words to demean or empower.

Peer Leaders Training

Audience: 9th - 12th grade youth leaders as identified by educators or selected by their peers

Time: 90 - 120 minutes

Youth leaders will have the opportunity to explore ways to support their peers navigating personal issues, including unhealthy friendships or relationships. The training engages participants in interactive  activities and conversations focused on using empathy and active listening strategies. Participants will also feel empowered to model these strategies and utilize available resources while supporting their peers in the future.

AWARE® is dedicated to empowering teens and young adults with the skills and information they need to build healthy relationships.
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